SteelMade Homes are built to exacting specifications using high quality American made steel framing and advanced computer-aided-design methods.

SteelMade Homes can deliver unbeatable protection from devastating fire, earthquakes, hurricane-force winds, snow loads, as well as termites and pests.
Many of the advantages of buying a SteelMade Home stem from the superior strength to weight ratio of steel.

Our steel framing systems provide homeowners additional security and safety for their investment, and more importantly, their family. Steel's inherent strength and noncombustible qualities enable a steel framed home to resist such devastating events as fires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Homes framed with steel are straighter, stronger, and more resistant to natural disasters, termites, and insects. These superior qualities are among the many reasons why some insurance companies offer discounts on our homeowner's policies.