At SteelMade Homes we have unique pre-engineered steel framing systems that are unlike any other system you may have seen.

Houseplans & Photos

We have over 150 standard steel framed house plans to select from. Please keep one important thing in mind; most models do not have any interior load bearing walls, allowing you to make any interior wall changes to your home and not worrying about support beams, etc (usually with little cost). In the initial building design stage you can move exterior walls, change ceiling height, change roof pitch, height, etc. in which case there will be additional engineering fees involved.

We are presently showing two different types of building methods: The LifeTime Homes (Red Iron Style) and the QuickSilver Homes (heavy gauge metal studs). Although the construction methods vary greatly, both wind and snow loads remain the same for either method of construction. If you live in California, we recommend the LifeTime Home models to meet the California Earth Quake standards.

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