SteelMade Homes are built to exacting specifications using high quality American made steel framing and advanced computer-aided-design methods.

Steel can be designed for long spans using less material, creating open floor plans with fewer load bearing walls.
Steel is a superior material in terms of its consistency, uniformity and predictability. These qualities allow our Technical Services professionals to design standard model floor plans with luxurious options. Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances offering large, open interior spaces and increased design flexibility. Many of these features are economically prohibitive with wood framed homes.

Many home buyers love our designs, but need to make some changes. You can add or delete square footage, or just rearrange rooms to better meet their family's lifestyle needs.

At Steelmade Homes, we understand that no two people are alike. That's why we offer over 250 standard home plans. And that's just a starting point to stir the heart and inspire the imagination. The customizing aspects of Our Homes are without limit and plans can be modified to your individual requirements. We can provide assistance with architectural design for blueprinting a floorplan to your exact specifications.