Here are your answers to common questions about the strength and value of Tri-Steel.

How does Steel Compare To Wood?
This is easily the most commonly asked question. First of all, wood is an organic material. It was a living organism. When wood is cut, the wood dies. From that time forward, wood has one objective: that is to become dirt. Any organic organisms final state is to decompose, rot, become mulch - dirt.

Steel, on the other hand, is a Mineral. It's strength and dimensions are absolutely consistent. Steel will stay where you put it, for as long as you leave it there.

To fairly compare Wood Framing to Steel Framing, you would have to compare a Wood Frame that was built to the same standards as a SilverWood home. That means engineered to a Zone 4 Seismic, 8" exterior walls, R-30 Insulation, Fireproof, Termite Proof, Dry Rot Proof, and without any warping, twisting, or splitting. Simply, Steel is much better than Wood!